Exotic Birds Coasters - Seconds

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Sold as a set of 4, we have 10 seconds of our Exotic Bird coaster design. These coasters are seconds due to either variation in tone and/or tiny imperfections. 

Please note all our seconds arrive unboxed. 

Our exquisite Exotic Bird design started life as part of an original 19th century Coalport dinner service, before being thoughtfully transformed into our Exotic Bird collection.

Arrives boxed as a set of four circular designs featuring the Humming Bird, Bullfinch, Chaffinch and Yellow Hammer.   

Product Details

Size: 100 mm

Material: 3.2 mm eucalyptus board with a baked melamine coating | gloss finish with a black baize base  

Includes: boxed set of 4

Made by: Club Matters 

Origin: England 

Availability: 2 to 5 days