Churchill Heritage Table Mats - Set 2 Mediterranean Riviera

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At Club Matters we are excited to announce a collaboration with Churchill Heritage. Working closely with the Churchill family to curate a selection of Sir Winston’s paintings, we are delighted to offer an exclusive new collection of table mats. 

 A passionate painter, Churchill only discovered his love and extraordinary talents as an artist in his forties.  From the First World War years until his death in 1965 this remarkable statesman painted some 600 oils. Boxed in sets of four, in Churchill Heritage branded boxes, we have two fabulous sets to choose from. 

Set 1 offers four evocative views of Marrakech.  Morocco was a favourite haunt of Churchill’s before the war, but he also visited at the time of the Casablanca Conference in 1943. His love of the place was evident when he mused to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ‘Marrakech is simply the best place on earth to spend an afternoon’.  

Set 2 celebrates his time on the Riviera – the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast, which he affectionately described as ‘paintatious’ in the course of creating over a quarter of his works there.

In presenting these fabulous paintings, Club Matters has worked with Churchill Heritage, which manages the copyrights in Sir Winston’s paintings, safeguarding them and their provenance for the benefit of future generations.   

All our table mats are handmade in England using a eucalyptus board with a toughened, baked melamine coating - this makes them guaranteed heatproof and extremely hardwearing. To clean use a damp cloth or polish them with any kitchen spray, buffing up with a clean dry cloth.  

Product Details

Size: 292 x 216 mm

Material: gloss finish black baize base 

Includes: boxed set of 4 

Made by: Club Matters 

Artwork: Churchill Heritage

Origin: England  

Availability: 2 to 5 days