Dove Grey Harlequin Coasters - SECONDS

Dove Grey Harlequin Coasters - SECONDS

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Sold as a set of 4, we have 10 seconds of our Grey Harlequin coaster design. These coasters are seconds due to either variation in tone and/or tiny imperfections. 

Please note all our seconds arrive unboxed. 

Our Harlequin Dove Grey design features hand-sketched African animals set on the same crackle-glazed background with a colonial-style backdrop, all centred within a subtle pale dove grey border.

Product Details

Size: 100 mm

Material: 3.2 mm eucalyptus board with a baked melamine coating | gloss finish with a black baize base  

Includes: boxed set of 4

Made by: Club Matters 

Origin: England 

Availability: 2 to 5 days